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Business Transformation – From Strategy to Operations

Rapid advances in information and communication technologies, combined with the forces of globalization, has provoked the hopes and fears of companies at all levels of development. These advances have transformed business and created a new playing field for worldwide competition with increasing premium for agility and business intelligence. They made it possible to capture and leverage information and knowledge into all kinds of economic activity.

Knowledge, learning, and the ability to change are now more than ever at the heart of development.

Clearly, there are vast differences in the types of change that organizations face and make. Some change is incremental, other change is substantial, and some is even transformational. Some change is strategic, while other change is operational or tactical. The need to change can be brought about by external factors (e.g., changes in customer preferences, changes in technology that make the company’s existing products/services obsolete, changes in the regulatory environment, etc.), internal factors (e.g., the company’s own growth, changes in technology, retiring leaders, etc.), or a combination of factors.

Regardless of the source or causes of change, all organizations are regularly faced with the need to do just that - change. The process of leading change successfully is not a trivial issue, however. It is fraught with difficulties, and sometimes the results are unsuccessful even for relatively small incremental changes.

What is change? There are many different definitions, but they all carry the connotation of “making something different in some particular way”. The difference can be small (incremental) or radical (transformational). It can involve shifting from one state or phase to another, which, in turn, results in a “transformation” or “transition.” While change can result in a transformation, a transformation is different from change per se. Change involves anything that is different from the norm, while transformation involves a “metamorphosis” from one state to another. As a caterpillar grows, it changes; when it becomes a butterfly, however, a metamorphosis or transformation has occurred.

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